General information

The KONTECH conference entitled ADVANCED FORMING TECHNOLOGIES AND NANOSTRUCTURED MATETRIALS is a continuation of the periodic KONTECH conference entitled “Design and technology of drawpieces and die stampings” organized by Metal Forming Institute in the period of 1973–2010.

The first conference “Design and technology of drawpieces and die stampings” was organized on 25–26.05.1973 on the occasion of the Year of Polish Science. Its title is corresponded to the thematic scope of cold forming processes, in particular sheet metal forming and solid forming, including accompanying subjects – tool design, machine selection, manufacturing quality, automation of processes and lubrication. The evolution of science and economy has resulted in that both the character of the and its thematic scope have changed during the period of almost 40 years. The first conference under the changed title took place on 6–9.05.2012.

KONTECH 2019 conference programme includes plenary sessions, a poster session and a Jubilee Session of the Metal Forming Institute’s 70th anniversary.

The thematic scope of the conference includes issues of mechanical engineering and materials science in metal forming, including: solid forming, sheet metal forming, technologies of forming parts from powder materials, nanotechnology and nanomaterials, issues related to machines and tools, friction and lubrication, simulations and processes modeling, devices and tools as well as biotechnologies and biomaterials.

The purpose of the conference is to improve the innovativeness and development of Polish economy by integration and collaboration of science and industry, as well as by promotion of the achievements and innovative solutions of the Łukasiewicz Investigation Network – Metal Forming Institute and the world science in the scope of the Institute’s specialisation ( non-metallurgical metal forming, material engineering and related domains).

The papers will be presented in Polish or English.

Event Partners are: Fabryka Armatur „Swarzędz” sp. z o.o., Albatros Aluminium Sp. z o.o. oraz ITA spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp. k.